ALPHA CEILING highly used in offices for its perfect flush look, functionally fit for control Rooms, Clean Rooms, Hospitals etc.


ALPHA CEILING Modules are based on 48" and 60" building plans Modules can be square, rectangular or linear Beams are 16 ga steel, 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" wide Beams can flush with bottom of the plank or create depth by extending any dimension the plank surface Planks are .028" - .063" aluminum, Hook-On and 300C plank in various widths and lengths Suspension system can be variable and applicable to the installer or job condition Variety of colors and finishes available

Product Specification & Pictures

Metacil ceiling system can provide aluminum ceiling, and quality components of ceiling decoration options, the professional projects as well, which can make the ceiling decoration be integrated with the whole style and make the use of function and decoration to be consistent.

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