The installation of LAY IN SQUARE CEILING visible type product features unique visual angel with beautiful lines. With super dimensional effect, it appears with super modern feeling.

Lay In Square Ceiling

The visible main runner and cross runner, with reasonable ends, features precise and reliable connection,simple and convenient installation and disassembly.

It is mostly applied for big area such as supermarkets, banks, hospitals and exhibition halls.

Product Specification & Pictures

1. Installing the sideline in the same height.
2. Installing main channel in appreciate space, the normal space is 1-1.2 m to suspension rod by clip in profile holder.
3. Suspension rod should be installed according to main channel at a distance of 1.2m centre to centre.
4. Binding the Main Runner with main channel with the help of Main Runner holder at space 1.2 m centre to centre. Putting Cross runner 1.2 m to main runner at distance 0.6m. Fixing the cross runner 0.6m to the 1.2m cross runner to form a 600mm x 600mm grid.
5. Laying down lay in tiles to the grid.
6. Wearing gloves when installing panel, if figure print or stain remain on the panel, please remove it with warm water and detergent, then dry it.

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