R STRIP CEILING Round edged panels with 16mm wide joints that enhance the linear appearance Panels combined with join profiles provide visually closed ceiling.


R STRIP CEILING Panels can be supplied in any length up to 6000 mm (as standard) Open joint system for any application requiring up to 16% open area: 16mm flush joint profile can be installed Optimal acoustic control by using perforated panels with closed joints and a non-woven textile membrane bonded to the inside face Panels are lightweight yet strong aluminium which can be recycled for the full 100%, requiring very little energy Demountable panels allowing full access to services and equipment in plenum Carriers for non standard modules are available.

Product Specification & Pictures

Frame & smoke spread Class A (ASTM E84)
Light Reflectance (White) Lr1
Stability under humidity Yes
IAQ Friendly Yes
Fiber Content No
Moisture Resistance Excellent
Life Cycle Excellent

1 Installing the sideline in the same height
2. Installing R strip ceiling carrier in appreciate space, the normal space is 1 – 1.2m to suspension rod by suspension clip .
3. Suspension rod should be installed accordingly at a distance of 1.2m centre to centre.
4. Pressing the R strip panel to the prongs of R strip carrier perpendicular to it.
5. Wearing gloves when installing panel , if figure print or stain remain on the panel , please remove it with warm water and detergent , then dry it.


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