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METACIL (ISO 9001:2000) are well known professional in manufacturing, marketing and selling false ceiling systems. With a production center equipped with modern facilities, METACIL has been successfully satisfying Indian customers for over 15 years.

About Metacil ceiling System

Now stepping its foot in international market METACIL has its head office at Noida. METACIL has honored its promise of continuous advancement in technology; range of products and to deliver superior products at competitive pricing. Under the support of 15 years experience in industry and backed by team of new generation perfectionist and continuous investment in machineries with advance technology. With great ambition and keen global vision, we will continue to be bold in innovation and actively explore market with aim to become the most splendid pearl in domestic and foreign building material industry. Established in 1992, METACIL made a humble beginning in the Corporate world. Initially to begin METACIL started by trading False ceilings with indigenous manufacturers. Unmatched variety with quality that speaks for itself formed the base towards building up of brand METACIL. After setting well established network in India, METACIL by visiting foreign countries and learning new process further imported technologies and machineries and now have a Large Factory setup for Tee Grid and Metal ceiling under the brand name Metacil.

Metacil ceiling system has more choices and better configuration than ordinary ceiling. Professional decoration projects, which can not be confined to a single material or the use of single product, it should be selected by the actual needs and proportion. Metacil ceiling system can provide aluminum ceiling, and quality components of ceiling decoration options, the professional projects as well, which can make the ceiling decoration be integrated with the whole style and make the use of function and decoration to be consistent.

Another Factory is at Head Office in Noida for Assembling of Vertical, Venation, Roller, Roman and Wooden, Bamboo Blinds and Most Innovative designer Curtains under Brand name of METACIL. METACIL maintains a huge variety of Drapery Rods Ranges Both imported and indigenously manufactured. There is always a new product adding up to the Brand value and Mineral Fibre Board is yet another landmark for the company with high quality being now supplied all over India. Moving along with promise of up gradation and growth with the large production base in India with the brand name Metacil.

Metacil ceiling System

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